Choices stories you play is a trendy online mobile game

Many people think that playing online mobile games are a waste of time and those games make the people addictive and deviates them from the day to day activities. Actually, it is not because the online mobiles games provide entertainment along with education, for example, online painting games, these games help the kid to identify the different color and how to use those colors in a drawing and this painting knowledge can make them a professional artist in their future.

The mobile games help the player to have mind alertness and also they can have social connections with others while playing multiplayer mode games in the mobile. The online mobile game developers release the game which is free to play because earlier days the game players spend a lot of money for games like purchasing video game equipments. The online mobile games are available in all categories like action, adventure, fantasy, crime solving, sports, etc. where the players can choose of their interest.

Choices stories you play is a different game which provides you unique feeling when you play it, and here the players can use their creative ideas in this game to engage them. This game offers a large number of stories which is in visual form, and the players are enabled to change the course of the stories by including their surprising element in the game. And there are many stories in the game, and some of them are ‘The freshman’ a love story and ‘The crown and the flame’ a kingdom – war story and ‘Most wanted’ a crime thriller story.

Useful tips for the players – dos and don’ts

The leading currency in the game is diamond, but the players are always wasting these diamonds unknowingly because they do not know it can help them a lot to finish and win the game. The diamonds are used mainly for moving through the chapters in the story and always use them on hack choices that you can add a specific incident in the game. To get many diamonds try to play and read many stories in the Choices stories you play and always be the key master in the game and always be cautious of keys while playing the game.

Because when you waste the keys, unnecessarily the key refill will take place more extended time, and the player can also get keys from the reward system, but the player has to use this only in the time of urgency. The game also offers restart of the chapters to the player who has done poor performances in the previous chapter but before using this player has to know that if he clicks this button the entire progress what he made in the game will be erased and he has to start from the beginning. And if you got any feeling of bored in a particular story, you can switch to a new story and can start playing.

Tricks for the game

Before choosing the choice in the stories, the players have to understand the nature of the choice that he was going to use because an inappropriate choice can make him lose the game. If the choices are small, he can take them without giving the second thought about them for example if the player goes on a date in the story ‘The freshman’ he can choose the choices based on the which cloth to wear, and places for dating, etc. because this will not have much change in the game. If the choices are large, the player must be very cautious in choosing them for example in the ‘The crown and the flame’ story the player must want a potent weapon to defeat the enemy and to grab his kingdom. If the player is use a weak weapon choice in the battle that leads to loss of the war and his country, and eventually ends the game.

And always try to evaluate the choices by its effects because it can change the nature of the story and makes a fascinating one to play and read. In the Choices stories you play, the player has to choose the stories after knowing the all characters in the story. And remember the main characters such as hero, heroine, and villain and know the places of the stories happen so the player can make a special choice to the hero or heroine to make the story more interesting to play.