Matchington mansion – A home décor adventure


Firecraft studios developed the matchington mansion. Matchington mansion is a home decores game. You will decor your home with your prospective and imaginations. Decorate your kitchen with colorful furniture. People love to find secrets and hidden things in this also some secrets, and you can find them. You can also take help form your neighbors home decor to find some idea.  Game interactive elements are impressive. Game size is not too much big it is only 38 MB.

    Puzzles

Everyone loves puzzles because puzzles make your mind more open. Puzzles solved by many of ways on given time slots. Matchington mansion is based on puzzles with more than home décor for up your level. In which you have many options for home décor.

    Spy on mansion

One of the best features you can visit the mansion of others. On which a star icon on the lower left corner of the display is to see the others player’s mansions.  By this, you can check out how they design their homes.

    Tiles and firecrackers

When you become an expert at the game, you know how to match tiles. At least you can match four or more tiles to make a special one. Some powerful piece is created with the help of this tiles matching method. You need to match more tiles at one chance because this makes your tiles special. If you match the same type of tiles, then firecrackers blow up. You can also match four tiles in a square pattern, and if you match some L or T shape match so, big firecrackers create.

    Coins for game

Coins purchase various things of the game. But at the beginning point you hold these coins because if you fail in the first level, you will remain on the game. You pay 500 coins to 5 more moves if you are very close to winning you can use 500 coins for success by trying Matchington Mansion Cheats.